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2022-07-28 20:49:56 By : Ms. Abby Lu

Buying used and recycled goods has many positives — you often land things at lower prices than buying new, you can score a unique find and it is better for the environment. Thrifting can also be fun for crafters and DIY enthusiasts. Furniture refurbishing, bags of stray art supplies, containers galore, fabrics (many people use used clothes, curtains and blankets for fabric crafting), frames for your art projects and more. Antique and vintage collectors can find themselves additions to their display cabinets and clothes are in abundance if you are looking to dress sustainably and affordably. If you’re getting your first apartment and need kitchenware, you can thrift it. In the same way, donating or yard-selling your unwanted items, as opposed to taking them to the dumps, offers another person the opportunity to give them new life and saves our landfills from the unnecessary fill.

Savers and Deseret Industries are popular picks for all-around buying. In their massive buildings, you’ll find low prices and an assortment of items, notably home décor, appliances and clothing.

ReStore is your stop for renovation supplies and do-it-yourself home projects. It is astonishing how frequently they have exactly the thing you need that you can’t find anywhere else.

Kid to Kid is a children’s thrift store. They have racks of clothing, baby supplies, children’s shoes, toys and books all in one place.

If you’re a vintage clothing and accessory lover, Endless Indulgence Retro Wear and Reborn Vintage are two options for the timeless outfit of your dreams.

Heebeegeebeez carries a selection of used comic books and vintage items you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Ogden. If you’re looking for books, action figures, games and cards, this is the place to stop.

Lavender Vinyl sells vinyl records and equipment. While they do carry many new products, they maintain an impressive selection of used records for music enthusiasts to get their thrift on.

Antique stores are easy to come by in Junction City, but each one is worth the stop. Abby’s Antique Mall, Rustic Rode Antiques and Collectibles, The Estate Sale Antiques, Epiphany Antiques and Vintage Gifts, 25th Street Treasures and Green Brick Vintage Décor are just some of the locations you can find treasures of your unique interests.

On any thrifting adventure, pawn shops are a must. The Gift House, Hy and Mikes Pawn and 12th Street Pawn and Loan have a little bit of everything. You never know what you’ll find at a pawn shop, and that is what makes it so much fun.

Finally, you can’t talk about thrifting without mentioning yard sales. Every warm weekend in Ogden, you can head to any part of the city and have incredible chances of finding a yard or garage sale sign on a light post. When you can’t find the thing you need, remember that a local might be trying to get rid of it!

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